Mildenstein Castle

A Symbol of Power Carved in Stone

Mildenstein Castle, one of the oldest castles in Saxony, has been home to the Salian kings, the emperors of Hohenstaufen and the Wettins. The Wettins built a notorious prison behind the meter-thick walls, where visitors still shudder at the sight of the heavily bolted doors and absurd torture tools. Some of the most impressive features include the wooden structure of the gothic granary, the keep, the Romanesque castle chapel and the medieval Knights’ Halls. Children love »Frieder Berg«, the funny keep who tells of his adventures. The family-friendly activities in Central Saxony are rounded off with an exhibition entitled »The Court of the Young Lordship – Mildenstein Castle as an Electoral Nursery«. Various events take place in the unique surroundings of the »Black Kitchen« and the »Princes’ Parlor«.


Mildenstein Castle

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